At an Lingam massage the erotic zones of the male sex organ get special attention, including the male holy spot….

The erotic Lingam massage allows the man to experience his softer, more responsive side to a pleasure in a non-traditional perspective. At the Lingam massage a total surrender and energyflow have taken grip on you and afterwards you’ll experience total freedom and relaxation. The erotic masseuses like to take care of you with a Lingam massage in one of our eight massage parlors.

Lingam or Linga is a word from the Indian Sanskrit and its translation means “sign”, “symbol”. It also stands for the male creation power and is often shown as phallus symbol. We are using the word Lingam for penis or the entire male genital area respectively. At the Lingam massage, the masseuse is concentrating on the penis, the testis and the erogenous skin parts. These are stimulated by different techniques and hand movements and massaged carefully to the climax.

Lingam Massage