Nuru massage is a massage also called as “body to body” massage. The masseuse will massage your whole body naked with her own body. Nuru massage is done with help of a special Japanese Nuru gel that is very slippery and viscous. This massage begins with shared bath with the masseuse.

The masseuse is massaging you completely naked and moreover, during this massage your masseuse massages your entire body with her naked body, it means that you have to lie down and the masseuse is partially sliding on you with her belly and her luxury boobs and butt… You can comfortably lie down on the mattress and your masseuse is sliding on your back, you feel how gradually her breasts and nipples are gliding on your arms across your back and buttocks to get to your feet. Then, feeling her buttocks, she is sliding on you the same way, just from the bottom upwards.

This can be repeated several times. At this moment, you feel how your excitement becomes more intense, and you need to turn and lie on your back, so that your increased penis would experience these beautiful, comfortable gliding movements as well. So when you turn on your back, the masseuse looks you into your eyes and her breasts will be again sliding on your body from the top downwards, across your penis. Again and again. If you want from time to time to gratify just your penis – simply tell your masseuse and she will focus only on your genitals. Then again comes the phase when her body will be on your body in any wished position.

What Is Nuru Massage?

Nuru Massage